Meeting Highlights from our August Meeting

Highlights from ONC’s meeting on August 10th

Code Enforcement
-If you have a code complaint, please use our online system described below or call

Police Updates
-We met Officer Tilton, our neighborhood resource officer. ( He will be our main officer patrolling our area on a daily basis. With this program in place, our resource officer will be able to learn our streets, our neighbors and what looks to be out of place.
-If there is an immediate concern, contact police by calling dispatch at 740-1015, however, if there is a persistent concern, contact Officer Tilton via email to let him know so that he may monitor the situation consistently.

August Guest Speaker, Kathy Jackson with Tree of Life Church
-Kathy came to introduce Learning Tree Christ Academy, part of the Tree of Life Church, next to the Post Office on Rivers Ave. This is a new private school for K4-6.
-The school is focused on encouraging life skills with cutting edge courses and many local and long distance field trips. This school will also offer large computer labs, etiquette and social skills classes and will also offer tutoring and after school programs as well.
-The program will cost about $125 a week (comparable to daycare pricing) and would be happy to talk with anyone interested. Please call 824-8470.

September Meeting
-ONC will be hosting Jenny Bloom, Charleston County Recycling Educator. She will inform us of the new County Recycling Rules.
-We will also have Lauren Lynn, Arts Coordinator with the City of North Charleston’s Cultural Arts Department. She will be talking to us about a the North Charleston Artist Guild, which is a new organization that has been established under the umbrella of the Olde North Charleston Merchant Association.

Please come and join our Neighborhood Council at 6:30 pm on September 14th.

As Always….
Farmer’s Market Thursdays from 12-6pm
Meeting Location: The Meeting Place at 1077 East Montague Ave-Near EVO

Email Lists:
Christine Beddia, Pres.

Elizabeth McCravy, VP

Kate Besta, Sec/Treasurer

City Councilman,
Kurt Taylor
Phone: 744-2305

County Councilman,
Elliott Summey
Phone: 200-4244

§ Recycling is every other Thursday. They pick up cans, glass, plastic (NOW #1 thru #7 as long as it’s marked- PLEASE no caps and rinse the containers), and paper/magazines/junk mail from the curb. They will now take cardboard at the street.

§ How to make an online request to the city of North Charleston
Go to and click on Residents. Click Online Services Tab and click on Citizen Support Center to make a service request. Click Make a Request, it will prompt you to choose a department and concern type, then sign in and give a brief description of your request. This system works very well!

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