Nothing’s More Local: Visit Our Farmer’s Market This Thursday

Within our convenient reach we have a local farmer’s market that takes place from 12-7 pm every Thursday filled with fresh local harvest and unique wares.  Within a few blocks from your home you can reap the benefits of our fruitful coastal land and support local proprietors.

Being local means acting local and acting local means supporting entrepreneurs, including retailers, restauranteurs, and local farmers.

One way to support local farmers is by joining a community supported agriculture (CSA).  Joseph Fields Farm located on John’s Island is just one of many local CSAs. Joseph Fields, a third generation farmer, and his wife Helen (featured recently in Post and Courier) have been farming their fifty acres on John’s Island for decades and most recently converted the farm to be certified organic.  The Fields have arranged the inclusion of Park Circle in their CSA pick-up points.  You can sign up for one of three 12-week CSA packages that range from 15 pounds to 4 1/2 pounds by calling Ms. Helen at 843-559-5349.

Come out on Thursday to meet Ms. Helen and learn all about what it means to be local.  You won’t regret fresh butterbeans and baby zucchini!

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