Meeting Highlights from our October Meeting

Highlights from ONC’s meeting on October 12th  


Guest Speaker, Dale Moore with Carolina One Real Estate

-Dale came to represent the gated community of Hunley Waters on O’hear Ave.  It began 2 years ago with a 1million dollar infrastructure and a dock to the Noisette Creek.

-It has 36 single family lots with currently 8 homes.  The model is currently being built with 2100 sqft.  The base price ranges are between 249,900 – 269,900.

-The homes use all green practices and the entire home is electric powered that should run you about $70/month.

-Join the Hunley Waters team when they host a kick-off on Thursday, November 4th from 4-7pm with Lowcountry boil and beer/wine.

-Dale Moore can be reached at 843-200-6142 or

Guest Speaker, Elizabeth Beak with Lowcountry Local First

-Lowcountry Local First is a non-profit organization that supports and advocates our community by working with our businesses and farmers to build our local economy.

-They are encouraging us all to make a 10% shift in our purchasing to local businesses which statistically will put back 3 times the money in our local community.

-Visit  to view the participating businesses and/or become a community member.


Code Enforcement

-South Rhett, which has had several complaints in the past about sidewalks not being edged, has been cleaned.  The NC community clean-up program took care of all the edging and now it is up to the homeowners to keep it clean.

-Code is working hard on Rugheimer St to try and contact homeowners to keep their yards clean.

-DO NOT put leaves in dark bags…the city will soon NOT pick them up.  They must be in clear or paper bags. 

-If you have a code complaint, please use our online system described below or call


Police Updates

-Some of the crimes this past month that have affected our area have been burglaries of both house and persons, theft of copper on AC units, and disorderly conduct.  Officer Tilton said to make it hard on thieves by locking your doors, keeping you porch lights on, and not having any valuables in your cars.   

-If there is an immediate concern, contact police by calling dispatch at 740-1015, however, if there is a persistent concern, contact Officer Tilton via email to let him know so that he may monitor the situation closely ( call him at 819-0017.

How to make an online request to the city of North Charleston

Go to and click on Residents.  Click Online Services Tab and click on Citizen Support Center to make a service request.  Click Make a Request, it will prompt you to choose a department and concern type, then sign in and give a brief description of your request.  This system works very well!

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