ONCNC adopts HALOS children for Holidays

HALOS Executive Director Kim Clifton spoke to the Olde North Charleston Neighborhood Council at its November 9th meeting.  Kim stated the mission of the North Charleston-based nonprofit HALOS (Helping and Lending Outreach Support) is to provide resources and special opportunities to abused and neglected children in the DSS system and provided some ways that ONCNC could help:

  • Donate gently used bedding items, i.e. cribs, twin beds, pack n’ plays
  • Donate school supplies
  • Donate monetary funds to assist
  • “Adopt” children (or an entire family) for the holidays

The last one compelled meeting attendees to participate immediately.  This holiday season there will be more than 1,400 abused and/or neglected children in the Charleston area that will be on the HALOS “angel” tree because their circumstances will/may not allow them to have a typical holiday.

We received five names with corresponding wish lists (2-3 gift items each).  Please contact Christine Beddia (or by phone at 843-557-3871) if you wish to purchase a holiday gift for one of the following children:

Zaniah (four year old girl), Zio (two year old boy), Hasnai (ten year old girl), Zamouria (six year old girl), Georgia (four-year old girl).

Each child has specific items on his/her wish list such as coloring book, leap frog lap top computer, or barbie doll.  Please contact Christine for specific wish list items to avoid duplication.  (We may increase the number of children we “adopt” if interest is high).

All items need to be purchased and submitted to Christine by Sunday, December 5th (in time for the Monday December 6th drop off to DSS).

Together we can make a small difference in the lives of these children.

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1 Response to ONCNC adopts HALOS children for Holidays

  1. oncnc says:

    Thank you to all the neighbors who pitched in to help less fortunate children in our community have a joyful holiday. ONCNC “adopted” ten children through the HALOS holiday giving program. We appreciate your support.

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