Meeting Next Tuesday

Please Join Us!
January’s meeting is next Tuesday, the 11th at 6:30 pm.  Start the year off right. Be civic-minded. We will meet at The Meeting Place.
The agenda will include a report from City Councilman Kurt Taylor about the rail issue and the impact on ONC/Park Circle.
Michele Hawkins from the City of North Charleston Building Inspection Office will present on Mobile Homes and the laws that govern them and their owners.
Officer Tilton and a School Resource Officer will address the recent violence and crime that has been taking place in the Olde Village near North Charleston High.
And please don’t forget: 2011 Annual Dues ($10 per household) will also be collected.
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1 Response to Meeting Next Tuesday

  1. Jane O'Dell says:

    Love the new format.
    It broke my heart to hear and see our neighborhood Christmas tree referred to as a holiday tree.

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