Meeting Highlights from January 11th


Cindy Bohn-Coates was reinstated to the City Advisory Council.  If there are any of you that would like to volunteer, please contact Kurt Taylor (contact info is in the “Contact” section at the top of this webpage)

-East side of Oakwood Dr. is getting sidewalks.

Code Enforcement

-Beginning next month, our new Code Enforcement officer will be Maggie Brock.

-If you have a code complaint, please use our online system or call 740-2659

Police Updates

-Officer Tilton, our neighborhood resource officer. ( met with us  to let us know about recent crime activity.  Activity always is higher during the holiday season and he described crimes from theft, vandalism, burglary of residence, and vehicles stolen.   

-If there is an immediate concern, contact police by calling dispatch at 740-1015, however, if there is a persistent concern, contact Officer Tilton at 819-0017 to let him know so that he may monitor the situation consistently.  Also, if there is a concern with a NC High School student, please call 745-7140.

Guest Speaker-Michelle Hawkins from the Building Inspection office, Mobile Home division

-We have had several complaints about mobile homes in the area and what are the steps to have them removed.

-Michelle described that most of the mobile homes have to have probable cause to dispose of them i.e. no water, no electricity, roof caving in, most dating prior to 1976.  Homes prior to 1976 were not built to required construction standards, giving them a shorter lifespan.

-At the meeting, we were given a list of standards that all properties have to meet for inspection purposes.  If any of these standards are not met, the property may be subject to removal.  If you have any questions about this or if you want to have the Building Dept. look into a property you think is not meeting standards, please contact Michelle at 740-2557 or  Currently there are 14 demo permits for our area.

Guest Speaker-Mayor Summey

-State Ports Authority and the city of NC created a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) which concluded that ½ of the Navy Base belonged to NC and ½ belonged to the Ports Authority and the agreement met was that no rail would go through the north end of Base and if rails were to be used in the future, they would go through the south end.  The Ports Authority is now trying to go back on the MOU and take the land at the north end under the laws of eminent domain and condemnation.  The reason the city wants the RR to go through the south end are for the following reasons:  there are already rails in the south end, there is a huge parcel of land that went through major clean-up for a potential terminal, there are already rails that could  be connected to that would run through current industrial areas, and lastly there has already been tremendous amounts of $ that has been invested to relocate people and parks.

 -Things that we can do are: appeal to our legislative body, go to the next legislative meeting, and challenge the state’s rights to condemn the north end based on the Constitution.

Please join us for our next initiative which is to donate hats, scarves and coats to those who are in need.  Please bring one or all of these items to our next meeting on Tuesday February 8th at 6:30pm    The Meeting Place, 1077 E. Montague Ave.


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