Volunteer Opportunties Available

The Olde North Charleston Neighborhood is in the middle of some important changes.  The larger Park Circle area is the hub of a revitalization for the City of North Charleston.  This area is also the topic of concern as it relates to the placement of a inter modal rail facility.  Change is abound in all directions.  It is a really exciting time to be a resident of Olde North Charleston Neighborhood but also a citizen of the City of North Charleston.

In just the past couple of months we have witnessed the willingness of individuals who are coming together to voice their opinions and share their ideas to collectively to make change.

There is a lot to do to improve Olde North Charleston and protect what makes it special.  Together we can do it.  But volunteers are needed.

Volunteer Opportunities for 2011:

Olde North Charleston Council Vice-President: Council-elected leadership position that assists President in planning and running monthly Council meetings.  Also, coordinates and manages quarterly goodwill initiatives such as food or clothing drive, clean-up projects, and community donations, etc.  Regular email communication with Council leadership, residents, and community leaders should be expected.  Time commitment: 6 hours/month

Crime Watch Block Captains: Join Officer Brian West and representatives from each neighborhood block in keeping your immediate neighbors informed and actively engaged in a crime watch program to improve the safety of our neighborhood streets.  An initial meeting will take place in the spring and regular communication will be conducted via email.  Time commitment: 2-3 hours/month.

Community Garden Project Coordinator: Lead planning and organizing effort of community garden at Beaver, Jenkins, and Leesville.  Manage sign-up for individual plots.  Work with Council leadership to secure in-kind and monetary donations for future sustainability of garden project.  Work with volunteers to ensure space is well-maintained. Time commitment: 8-12 hours/ month during spring, summer, fall.

Community Garden Volunteer: Assist in maintaining community garden project. Time commitment: 6-8 hours/month

Clean Cities Sweep Neighborhood Project: Join residents of ONC to clean up an area of the neighborhood.  Clean Cities Sweep is April 3-10, 2011.  Project: TBD.  Time commitment: 4-8 hours day of.

Annual Olde Village Yard Sale Volunteer: Assist with set-up and/or break down of tables for one day community-wide yard sale on East Montague Avenue.  Tentative date: May 21, 2011.  Time commitment: any help is appreciated.

Volunteer Ambassador: Do you read the blog and like that something is going on but not have the schedule or time to attend the monthly meetings? Do you still want to help in some way?  Please consider being an ONC Ambassador.  Ambassadors know what’s happening in the neighborhood and then share that information with their neighbors.  Ambassadors can volunteer time on a weekend to help hand out ONC flyers to their immediate neighborhood blocks.  Any help you can give in this fashion helps ONC.

To engage with the neighborhood Council more deeply please join us for our February meeting this Tuesday at 6:30pm.  As always we meet at The Meeting Place, 1077 East Montague Avenue.

Contact Christine Beddia by phone 843-557-3871 or email Christine Beddia to volunteer.

Thank you!!!!

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