Meeting Highlights from our February Meeting


a new business, Odfjell Terminals will open at the end of E. Montague on the opposite side of Virginia Ave.  It will be a bulk liquids terminal.  The city has also proposed that they turn the oak groves that you see on Virginia into a park.

-a program called “Care Call Reassurance” will be started for the elderly that don’t get around.  You can register someone to be called periodically and checked on to see if everything is ok.  If there is no answer, police dispatch will be notified.

-continue to contact political appointees regarding the RR issue.  This fight can’t just be with Mayor Summey, it needs to be all of NC.  Visit to get information on who to contact and what to say.

Citizens Advisory Council

-This organization represents all 55 neighborhoods of NC along with the Mayor so as to get pertinent information and concerns back and forth from our citizens to the city.

-Angela McJunckin from the Bldg. Department was the speaker at the last CAC meeting.  She spoke on how useful it is to use the online service request ( She also let the CAC know that code plans to go into 4 neighborhoods a year to ensure that properties and citizens are abiding by rules/laws set forth by police, bldg. department, planning department, and code enforcement.

-We will get an update on the March meeting at tonight’s meeting.

Code Enforcement

-Our new Code Enforcement officer is Maggie Brock.  Maggie has been with the city for 23 years and she can be reached via email at or the number below.

-If you have a code complaint, please use our online system or call 740-2679

Police Updates

-Officer Tilton, our neighborhood resource officer. ( met with us  to let us know about recent crime activity.  Activity over the last month ranged from burglary, possession of drugs, trespassing, dog bite, vandalism, attempt to distribute, malicious damage to residence, and assault.    

-If there is an immediate concern, contact police by calling dispatch at 740-1015, however, if there is a persistent concern, contact Officer Tilton at 819-0017 to let him know so that he may monitor the situation consistently.  Also, if there is a concern with a NC High School student, please call 745-7140.

Guest Speaker- Heather Ritchie, CSA

-Community members pre-pay for a share of the season’s harvest.  Members receive a weekly bag of farm fresh produce picked at the peak of ripeness and delivered to Cork Neighborhood Bistro every Wednesday evening at 5pm. 

2011 Harvest Season Dates:  Spring Season is April 20-July 13


Our next meeting will be discussing upcoming events such as PC Street Sale, Clean City Sweep, Earth Day, St. Patrick’s Day Block Party, Community Garden, and a Crime Watch Program.

 Please join us for our community initiative which is to donate hats, scarves and coats to those who are in need.  Please bring one or all of these items to our next meeting on

Tuesday March 8th at 6:30pm    The Meeting Place, 1077 E. Montague Ave.

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