Meeting Highlights from March and April 2011


  • We introduced our new Vice President, Russell Patterson.
  • We were updated on the new owners of the parcel of land at the base of E. Montague at Virginia.  This new parcel will be a tank farm that is owned by Odjfell Containers.  This location will unload and then store chemical containers.  The chemicals will not be nauseous, some examples will be food grade oil or methanol.  It will be 2 years before we will see any offloading.  They will flatten the land and rebuild on it.  They will use existing RR lines and they will only be used during the day.  It will be a small company having about 12-16 employees and they will work customary day time hours.  The city has asked if they could use the front portion of the land onVirginia to have a nice park among the oak groves, this is being looked into.
  • Citizens Advisory Council Update:  Beginning June 30th, the city will no longer accept electronics at the street for regular trash pickup.  You must take electronics to the dump yourself or better yet, take it to the County Recycling Center on Romney Street.  There was a presentation from the Animal Society stating that more than 10,000 animals were taken in last year at the animal  shelter and 4000 of those were put to sleep.  The Animal Society has been accepted in a grant for the zip codes 29405 and 29406 (due to the highest population of pets coming from these areas)  for 500 animals to get a free spay or neuter.  The city is making a bus available for NC civic groups.  There will be a new Public Works building.  A shredder will be made available at the NC city hall for all NC residents to shred important documents and to prevent stolen identity.  There will be a new Amtrak station built onMontague Ave. past the Performing Arts Center. The 2010 Census report is out.


  • North CharlestonFarmer’s Market is now open on Thursday from 11-7pm.
  • Don’t miss the Olde NC 3rd Annual Village Street Sale.  This year it will be held on May 21st from 8-12 and will be onE. Montague Ave. between the blocks of Jenkins and Ohear.  If you want to sell your things, contact Kate Besta at
  • ONC Neighborhood council has applied for a grant from Coastal Community Foundation to assist our council in its goals for 2011.
  • Our Council is calling out to all volunteers from Olde North Charleston.  We have established “Five Branches” of our Council in which we would like to get community involvement.  The Branches are:  Beautification Branch, Safety/Crime Watch Branch, School Branch, Community Garden Branch and a Membership/Events Branch.  These branches will have leaders and committee volunteers and have their own individual meetings.  The leaders will update us at our monthly Neighborhood meetings.  We feel by putting these “Branches” in place, we as a council can have a greater impact on our community and it will allow you to help in a specific area in which you feel most passionate about.  If anyone is interested in either being a “Branch Leader” or committee volunteer, please contact Kate Besta at
  • Our next meeting is tomorrow at 6:30pm at The Meeting Place,1077 E. Montague Ave.  Our guest speaker will be Pearl Sutton from the Charleston County Animal Society and she will discussing feral cats, a growing problem in our area.
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