Meeting Highlights for May and June 2011


-Continue to write our legislators regarding the rail issues (Senator Grooms is one in particular who has stated he has not heard from any resident against this??) Visit to get information on whom to contact.

– City of NC will file a lawsuit against the State Ports Authority regarding the rails.

– The city is going through redistricting which adjusts the boundaries of our neighborhood based on population (10,000 people per district).  With this process, there will be 3 new council members and it has been proposed that District 8 & 9 will combine forcing one of those current council members to leave.  Bob King and Kurt Taylor are up for re-election for this one position.

– ONC has applied for a grant from Coastal Community Foundation who has 550 charitable funds, one of those being grants for neighborhood organizations. 

– Shipwatch Square is scheduled to be torn down.  The city owns this land and is proposing a possible grocery store at this location.

– Sterrett Hall, on the old Navy Base, is open from 9-8pm for free gym use.

– Call to volunteers…we need your help to make our neighborhood better.  We want to organize 5 “Branches” within our council:  School Branch, Beautification Branch, Safety Branch, Community Garden Branch, and Membership Branch.  Please contact to let me know how you can help.

-Village Street Sale was a success!  We were able to raise a total of $342 of which $237.75 went to the NCHS Band Booster Club to go towards new equipment and uniforms.  The band director, Brian Taugger, was at our June meeting to accept the check. 

– NC Farmer’s Market continues every Thursday, 12 noon-7 pm.

– National Night Out is August 2nd.



Citizens Advisory Council

– NCHS- Michael Miller, president of the school improvement council, along with NC citizens needs your help.  Every 2nd and 4th Thursday they have a meeting on the 3rd floor of City Hall at 6pm.  They encourage us as citizens of NC, especially because we are so close to this school, to come to these meetings regardless if we have any affiliation to this school, and help to make this school better.


Code Enforcement

-If you have a code complaint, please use our online system or call 740-2679


Police Updates

 – Crime Watch meeting will be held with Officer West on July 19th at 6 pm at the Meeting Place.  There will be education and training to block captains as well as helping spread the word on crime prevention.

– RAIDS online can be accessed through our NC website.  This service can alert you daily to crime in your area.

– Keep your eye out for a white male, seen around the Valero gas station, stealing grounding wire from utility poles.

-If there is an immediate concern, contact police by calling dispatch at 740-1015, however, if there is a persistent concern, contact Officer Tilton at 819-0017 to let him know so that he may monitor the situation consistently.  Also, if there is a concern with a NC High School student, please call 745-7140.

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2 Responses to Meeting Highlights for May and June 2011

  1. Kathy Korda says:

    “White male” is a little generic. I live around the corner from the Valero station (by the Duck Pond) and my boyfriend and I generally keep our eyes out for suspicious characters, but I don’t know that either of us would consider any random male, without further description, to qualify!

    • oncnc says:

      Kathy- You’re right, it is generic. We can try to get more details to help you and other residents successfully assist officers.

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