Meeting Highlights From July and August

Highlights from ONC’s meeting from July 12th and August 9th    


-Robert Grimm was introduced.  He is the new Principal at North  Charleston High School.  He is very motivated and up for the challenge.  His email address is
-Seth Whipper provided a budget summary of the state that was adopted July 26th.  He also discussed the new statehouse districts around the state as a result of the 2010 census and the population growth over the last 10 years.
-Kurt Taylor provided a little more information on the Shipwatch square project.  That project is set to move forward and will be a great improvement over the existing mall that only has one occupied storefront.
-Kurt also mentioned the outdoor burning ban being considered by city council.  There are a number of exclusions for cooking fires and similar instances, but would in effect outlaw the outdoor burning of leaves and yard debris.
-The presentation in July was by Officer Cheatle.  With respect to recent neighborhood crime, there has been an increase in burglaries.  It is important that you lock your doors on your home or vehicles!  An in depth presentation from the Patrol Division of the North Charleston Police Department focused on a number of changes in the police department.  The work schedule(s) were changed so that there are more officers on Fridays and Saturdays.  This was done a while ago and is a believed to be one of the biggest reasons that crime rates are dropping city-wide.  In addition, they have rezoned the bureaus to be more consolidated.  Many of the changes are the results of implementing a community policing model that focuses on visibility of officers and regular frequent contact.

-Continue to write our legislators regarding the rail issues (Senator Grooms is one in particular who has stated he has not heard from any resident against this??) Visit to get information on whom to contact.

 -Our 1st Crime Watch Branch meeting was held in July and the meeting was very successful with many concerned neighbors.  Officer West joined us and explained how we can be most helpful by locking our doors, keeping lights on around our home, and to be watchful of any suspicious activity.  He also expressed loudly that the new policy to reporting an emergency, criminal activity or suspicious activity, is to CALL 911. Charleston county now has a consolidated emergency number and the local NC police dispatch number is no longer being used. 

 -We will be coordinating some “Branch Meetings” within the next few months and we are calling all volunteers.  Our Branches and contact information for the Branch Leaders are:

        School Branch-Kyle Lahm

        Beautification Branch-Kate Besta

        Crime Watch Branch-NEEDS A LEADER?

        Membership Branch-Christine Beddia

        Community Garden Branch-Russ Patterson

**please contact the leaders if you are interested in improving our neighborhood through one of these groups**

 Please come to our next Neighborhood Meeting, tomorrow Tuesday September 13th at 6:30 pm, 1077E. Montague

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