Branches for Growth

Recent Olde North Charleston Neighborhood Council meetings and meeting notes have referenced and discussed “branches” as a new initiative among the Council to identify, recruit, and utilize interested residents that want to engage more deeply with Council activities and the neighborhood.  Branches are volunteer committees that focus on core areas that if addressed will help our Council grow, like branches of a tree.

The branches of ONCNC are:

  • Community Garden
  • Schools
  • Beautification
  • Crime Watch
  • Membership

The membership branch is seeking volunteers.

The membership branch is responsible for increasing Council membership through communication and awareness activities.  The Council recently was awarded a Coastal Community Foundation grant for nearly $1,700 to do just that.  It was proposed that we would use the funds to install permanent neighborhood signage and do a neighborhood-wide mailing that would include a newsletter, a letter identifying the successes we collectively achieved this past year, and a survey soliciting feedback and input about ways we could improve.

Volunteers are needed for the following tasks:

  1. Draft newsletter articles highlighting 2011 activities
  2. Design/ layout newsletter complete with pictures
  3. Compile relevant survey questions that solicit residents’ input
  4. Fold, stuff, seal, address, and stamp newsletter/survey and envelopes
  5. Solicit and receive competitive quotes and/or bids for permanent signage
  6. Survey residents on where the signs should be installed
  7. Conduct permitting for signage (Thanks, Kyle for volunteering to help with this!)

Help us engage others.  Volunteer for one of the above by contacting ONCNC President Christine Beddia at or 843-557-3871.





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