Septembers Meeting Highlights


-The outdoor burning of leaves and yard debris has been banned.  There are a number of exclusions for cooking fires and similar instances.  If you see someone burning yard debris, call the Fire Department using 911.

-The city will continue to pick up leaves in plastic bags even though the County has banned plastic bags from our dumpsite.  The regulations will most likely change in the future.

-We discussed giving again this season to the HALOS project.  Last year we gave about 10 kids a special Christmas.

-Our November meeting will be pushed forward to November 1st due to our regularly scheduled meeting date conflicting with Voters Day.

-Use 911 for all regular and non-emergency calls.  The old dispatch line of 745-1015 is NO
longer being used.

On our October 11th meeting will be hosting the City Council candidates to speak for a few minutes about their goals for the City.

-On October 19th, The Women’s League of Voters will host a large forum for the Mayoral candidates and the City Council candidates for all 4 districts.  It will be in the PC building and start at 7pm.

-The NC Artist Guild is hosting an event called Parktoberfest which will be held on the streets of E. Montague on October 22nd

-Charleston County Recycling is in Phase 2 of the pilot program for the residential roll cart. You may start to see some of our PC neighbors included in this.


– Call to volunteers…we need your help to make our neighborhood better.  We have organized 5 “Branches” within our council:  School Branch, Beautification
Branch, Crime Watch Branch, Community Garden Branch, and Membership Branch

-Our new Crime Watch Branch Leader is Paul Ristau, please email him directly if you would like to volunteer and/or attend the meetings.

-The Community Garden Branch discussed if they should volunteer at both the Triangle Garden and/or the Hursey Elementary Garden.  It was also brought up as to what capacity they would volunteer.  Please contact Russ Patterson if you want to get involved.

-The Beautification Branch discussed possibly sending out notices to our neighbors reminding them of their responsibility to keep the sidewalks clean in front of their homes.  It was also proposed that as a group we could come through one or more Saturdays to edge and sweep sidewalks to set the tone for a better looking neighborhood. Please contact Kate Besta if you are interested in attending these meetings and helping out.

-The Membership Branch discussed handing out newsletters every month door to door.  There is also a need to create a new members packet for the ONCNC.  If you would like
to volunteer please contact Christine Beddia.
Our Branches and contact information for the Branch Leaders are:

School Branch-Kyle Lahm

Beautification Branch-Kate Besta

Crime Watch Branch-Paul Ristau

Membership Branch-Christine Beddia

Community Garden Branch-Russ Patterson

**please contact the leaders if you are interested in improving our neighborhood through one of these groups**

Come to our next Neighborhood Meeting, tomorrow Tuesday October 11th  at 6:30 pm, 1077 E. Montague


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