Give a little this season- Adopt a HALOS child

Building on tradition, Olde North Charleston Neighborhood Council has committed to supporting local nonprofit, HALOS, in supplying toys for children this holiday season.

More support from ONC residents is needed to fulfill the wish lists of ten children who receive services from HALOS through DSS, children who are abused and neglected and who are in foster care.

Please consider joining other residents in giving a little this season to others.  If we all do a little we can make a big impact.  Gifts range from $5.00- $75.00.

Below are wish list items not yet fulfilled (Names have been withheld to protect identity). Please email project organizer Christine Beddia at or call her at 843-557-3871 to commit to one or more of the items listed.  All items are due to Christine by Sunday, December 4th.

As always, the children are grateful for anything.  Other age appropriate items will be accepted.

Thank you!

  1. bike (female, age 3)
  2. walk/dance doll (female, age 3)
  3. clothes size 5 (female, age 3)
  4. shoes size 10 1/2 (female, age 3)
  5. princess tiana table set (female, age 3)
  6. Shoes size 12 1/2 (female, age 5)
  7. Easy Bake Oven and play dishes (female, age 5)
  8. coat size4T (female, age 3)
  9. Baby Alive doll (female, age 3)
  10. bike (female, age 7)
  11. Skating baby doll (female, age 7)
  12. barking puppy with backpack (female, age 7)
  13. Nerf Gun (male, age 11)
  14. Wii games (male, age 11)
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3 Responses to Give a little this season- Adopt a HALOS child

  1. oncnc says:

    I went shopping yesterday for the little girl Brent and I adopted. She is five years old and has a super unique name. Although I will probably never meet this young girl it warmed my heart picking out size 5T clothes and a Baby Alive doll that I thought she might enjoy playing with.
    I have been fortunate enough to have almost everything I have every wanted in my life. In fact, I indulge more than I should. In this season of giving thanks I am thankful that my parents gave me everything but also taught me how and why to give to others. Giving a gift is so more rewarding than receiving. Won’t you join us?

  2. Scott and Dena says:

    We are blessed to have 5 healthy, happy grandchildren about the same age as these little darlings! Our grandsons love playing with their Nerf guns, so we got 2 (you need someone to shoot back;-))!

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