February Meeting Time/ Location Change and Bylaws

The February meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 7th at the regular time 6:30-7:30 and an alternative location, The Olde Village Community Building at 4820 Jenkins Avenue.

We will propose amendments to the Council Bylaws.  A vote will be taken no earlier than the March meeting.

The amendments are specific to the number of Officers in the Council leadership and our new Branch Committees.  Currently the posts are President, VP (s), and a Secretary/Treasurer.  By splitting the last post, Secretary/Treasurer, into two the work can be divided among two individuals rather than overwhelming one individual.

Another amendment outlines the addition of the branch committees : Membership and Beautification.  The remaining committees (Schools and Community Garden) are not specifically outlined as they are Council initiatives and may change depending on the concerns, interests, and volunteer capacity of the Council and neighborhood residents.

We look forward to meeting with you next week and as always, stay connected to the neighborhood through regular communication with neighbors, visiting this blog and liking us on Facebook.

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2 Responses to February Meeting Time/ Location Change and Bylaws

  1. Kyle Lahm says:

    So the title of the post is ‘February Time change… ‘ but then it says regular time of 630. Just confirming the time is 630? Maybe I just need another cup of coffee and am not reading this right!

    • oncnc says:

      Hi Kyle- good point! The February meeting DATE was changed at our November meeting. It occurred this past Tuesday. We will not be meeting on the 2nd Tuesday, February 14th.

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