Meeting Highlights for January 2012


-Council will be drafting some new bylaws and will present these at our February meeting and vote at our March meeting.

-Our new Code Enforcement officer is William Holley.  If you need immediate Code assistance, dial 740-2680 for the secretary and ask to radio for Code.

-Stacie Miller is the head of our Code Team which works hard on Saturdays to clean up much needed areas around the city.

-By February 18 all of the NC recreation/community centers will have WIFI.  Midlands Park Center will be stocked with computers for residents to use, and there will be computer classes also.  Be sure to tell your council members thank you.

-The streamlined recycling pilot program has been fully accepted.  Within the next 12-18 months, all of Charleston County will have one roll cart per household for ALL recyclables.  You may have already noticed some of our neighboring PC councils have them.

-CCSD asks that you look at the county website to view the goals for the next 5 years.  Chicora Elementary will be built next to the Military Magnet.  This school is currently operating out of the Ronald McNair building on Spruill.



-Crime Watch Branch:  the NC police have appointed a new Safety Officer for the city and they will be our point of contact for crime prevention in our area.  Stay tuned for our next meeting where you will be able to meet the appointee and get tips on how we can protect ourselves and our neighbors.

-Beautification Branch:  we have decided to target 3 things within our neighborhood; better drainage- specifically on upper Ohear/St. Johns Ave, beautifying the triangle space at Beaver/Justice/Lambert, and cleaning/edging sidewalks. 

-Membership Branch:  Thanks to this branch for working so hard to prepare our 2012 newsletter, this was mailed out to over 1000 neighbors in our neighborhood council.  This branch’s goals are to have more regularly printed handouts which would be hand delivered; and 1 or 2 signs with our council’s information at the entrances of our neighborhood. Look out for the new sign we just received from the city to post on E. Montague by the RR tracks showing our meeting times.  We are very excited to draw more attention with this sign and get more neighbors involved.  Thanks to the City of NC!

-Calling for volunteers to help organize two upcoming events: Clean City Sweep (April) and Village Street Sale (May)


Our Branches and contact information for the Branch Leaders are:

        School Branch-Kyle Lahm

        Beautification Branch-Kate Besta

        Crime Watch Branch-Paul Ristau

        Membership Branch-Christine Beddia

        Community Garden Branch-Russ Patterson

**please contact the leaders if you are interested in improving our neighborhood through one of these groups**



-Bob King is our new City Council representative for District 10 and Sam Hart is the City Council representative for our neighboring District 7, which covers a portion of our neighborhood council.

-We have about 10,000 people in District 10.

-Mr. King’s hope is to get all PC neighborhood councils to work together to tackle some of our neighborhood issues.

-New sidewalks are slated for certain areas around the neighborhood.


Please come to our next Neighborhood Meeting, Tomorrow February 7th at 6:30 pm, Jenkins Ave, corner of       

E. Montague and Jenkins, at the PC Picture House.


Our regular scheduled meetings are 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm, 1077 E. Montague, The Meeting Place

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