Changing Perception to Reach a Common Goal

The North Charleston High School was abuzz yesterday when I arrived to meet with Principal Grimm and Communities in School Staff Gene Rebecca.  The teachers and students were anxiously awaiting today’s big game in Columbia.  The NCHS Cougars are headed to Columbia to face Newberry HS Bulldogs for the AA State Title.

I was a little surprised to hear Principal Grimm say that Friday at school is business as usual, no pep rally, no major announcements about the game.  “We’ll celebrate on Monday if we win,” he said.

During our meeting to discuss how Olde North Charleston Neighborhood Council and residents could engage deeper with the high school we discussed everything from volunteer opportunities inside the school to those opportunities throughout the neighborhood.  Together we brainstormed ways to connect.    We also discussed how to change the community’s perception of the students and the High School.  Grimm emphasized that his office is always open, his phone line always available and that never is an appointment necessary to meet with him.  He invites residents to come to the school to see what it’s like, to meet the kids, and to get involved.

I invite you to join me and ONCNC in helping to change those perceptions.  We cannot just assume that “those students” and “that school” need to change it themselves.

I look forward to sharing the specific volunteer opportunities available (tutoring, mentoring, cafeteria monitoring, reading, etc.) and connecting you with Gene Rebecca.  Mr. Rebecca said they are in critical need of science and math tutors.

Let’s wish the Cougars the best of luck today in the State basketball game and commit to start cheering for our home team throughout the academic year too!

To watch today’s 4:30pm game you can live stream at



Charleston City Paper article on Principal Grimm (August 2011)

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2 Responses to Changing Perception to Reach a Common Goal

  1. Wendy says:

    Congratulations, Cougars! The North Charleston United Methodist Church is adopting the high school girls’ soccer team. Their next game is at home this Thursday, March 8. Join us as we cheer them on!

    • oncnc says:

      Wendy- That’s great!
      The High School is celebrating the win this Friday at 5pm with a Community Cook-out. All are invited and in-kind food donations are welcome.
      Please invite your parishioners.

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