May Meeting Highlights


-Clean City Sweep was a successful year with 27 volunteers.  We spent 4 hours at the triangle space of park area between the streets of Justice/Lambert/Beaver.  We filled up a 20 cubic feet dumpster with leaves, tree debris, furniture, and concrete.  Our future plans are to work with the city in trimming the trees and CPW to get water hooked up.  We are still considering the overall usage of the land for long term use.

-Odjfell completed the dredging on the Cooper River and started to move on site with temporary office trailers and a guard shack where there will be someone on duty anytime there is staff on site.  They have started to clear the grounds but are committed to protecting the grove of oak trees and wetland areas.  As a council, we are seeking a volunteer to be a communication rep between our council and Odjfell if anyone is interested.

-Our Code Enforcement officer’s name is William Holley and his contact information is 740-2681 or



Crime Watch Branch:  The Crime Prevention Officer, Marie Leahey, and Officer Tilton presented at the last Branch Meeting.  The discussion was about taking the necessary steps to create a formal Crime Watch program for our area.

Beautification Branch: ONCNC has applied for another grant from Coastal Community Foundation to help fund our Adopt-Your-Block program.  Our goals for this grant are to fund this project with signage and incentives for sustainable efforts.  Tomorrow’s meeting will host reps from the Coastal Community Foundation for our final review on the grant approval.

Membership Branch:   Our ONC neighborhood sign is complete and will be making its way to its new home within the coming months.

School Branch:  Council is still seeking a volunteer to be the Branch Leader and to help foster the 3 goals that the group initially outlined: regular communication with ONC residents about volunteer opportunities, scheduled school athletic calendar events to increase community support, and resourceful connection building are the main volunteer responsibilities. 


Our Branches and contact information for the Branch Leaders are:

        School Branch-TBD

        Beautification Branch-Kate Besta

        Crime Watch Branch-Paul Ristau

        Membership Branch-Christine Beddia

**please contact the leaders if you are interested in improving our neighborhood through one of these groups**


Please come to our next Neighborhood Meeting, Tomorrow June 12th at 6:30 pm, The Meeting Place


Our regular scheduled meetings are 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm, 1077 E. Montague, The Meeting Place


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