Chief of Police and Slate of Officers

Tuesday’s Council meeting will include a presentation by the Chief of the North Charleston Police Jon Zumalt and a discussion of the 2012-2014 slate of ONCNC Officers.
Please join us at The Olde North Charleston Meeting Place at 1077 East Montague Avenue (next to EVO Pizzeria) at 6:30pm.
The slate of officers (ONCNC’s new leadership) will be discussed, nominations presented and taken from the floor.  If anyone is interested in nominating or self-nominating please review the Officer Roles and Responsibilities pasted below.  Nominated Officers should be in good standing with the Council.  Contact Christine Beddia if you would like to nominate or self-nominate ( or 843-557-3871).
OFFICER DUTIES (excerpted from the ONCNC ByLaws)
The President shall preside at all meetings of the membership and all meetings of the Officers and shall exercise such other duties as may be relevant to the office.  He or she shall keep important records while in office.  He/she shall consult with and keep the Officers of the Council informed and obtain their approval for all important pending activities and expenditures.

The Vice-President(s) shall preside over all meetings in the absence of the President and shall perform the duties prescribed by the Bylaws and those agreed upon by the Officers.  The Vice-President(s) shall work closely with the President to ensure committees and events function properly.  The Vice-President(s) shall ensure the public relations efforts needed by the Council are expedited.

The Secretary shall prepare and maintain minutes of all meetings.  He/she shall keep a roll of the membership and make a written record of all proceedings (usually in the form of the monthly newsletter).

The Treasurer shall collect dues and other monies, keep an accurate record of each members account, and maintain books that show clearly all receipts and disbursements.  He/she shall prepare and submit a report showing all receipts, disbursements and current cash balances.  This report shall be published, at a minimum, quarterly in the Council newsletter.  The Treasurer may authorize expenditures of $25 or less. Expenditures greater than $25 and less than $100 must be authorized by a majority vote of the Officers. Expenditures greater than $100 must be authorized by a majority vote of the Council at a regularly scheduled meeting.

The Officers of the Council shall meet in September of each year for a planning session.  In an election year, this meeting shall be held after the elections.

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