August 2012 Meeting Highlights


General Announcements

Guest Speaker — Chief Jon Zumalt, North Charleston Police Department

Announce Slate of volunteer for Executive Committee – Cindy Bohn Coats

Crime report – Officer Tilton

Council report – Councilman Bob King


General Announcements

  • National Night Out was a big success
  • September meeting will be a Pot Luck!  Council will provide entrée, please volunteer to bring a side or dessert, and bring someone who hasn’t attended a meeting – there will be an event posted on ONCNC Facebook page for sign up. 
  • August 25th – Neighborhood sign painting! – contact Crime Watch Branch Leader-Paul Ristau
  • Welcome to new volunteers
    • Dina Wolforth – new School Branch leader
    • Lisa Warden – launching regular ONCNC newsletter


Guest Speaker

Chief Jon Zumalt, North Charleston Police Department

“It takes an engaged community to make a community safe” – Chief Zumalt


The chief provided attendees with statistics on the city crime history.  He describes the NCPD’s strategy for fighting crime.  He also provided contact information for the Office of Professional Standards and encouraged citizens to provide feedback about North Charleston officers.

Office of Professional Standards:

Tel. 843-740-2827

Fax. 843-745-1009

 The chief also describes some youth programs and alerted us to the fact that “Dateline NBC” is soon airing a story about his department’s work in the Charleston Farms area.


Announce Slate of volunteers for Executive Committee

Cindy Bohn Coats announced the following slate of people volunteering to be on the Executive Committee

President: Jerry Lahm

Vice-President (assuming treasury responsibilities): Russ Patterson

Secretary: Catherine Heston


Executives hold office for two years 2012 – 2014

Voting will take place at the September meeting


Council report – Councilman Bob King

Parking problems around the Village are being addressed

Development by The Beach Company would be addressed at City Council meeting



Crime Watch Branch:  By going to, you can get current updates on criminal activity in our area.

Beautification Branch: ONCNC ONCNC is looking for volunteers to be block leaders for the Adopt-Your-Blockprogram. 

Membership Branch:   Our ONC neighborhood sign is complete, and Saturday August 25th is painting day.  Lisa Warden is going to launch the newsletter.

School Branch:  Welcome to Dina Wolforth who is now the School Branch’s leader. 


Our Branches and contact information for the Branch Leaders are:

        School Branch-Dena Wolforth

        Beautification Branch-Kate Besta

        Crime Watch Branch-Paul Ristau

        Membership Branch-Christine Beddia

**please contact the leaders if you are interested in improving our neighborhood through one of these groups**


Please come to our next Neighborhood Meeting, September 11, 2012

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