Spruill Avenue resurfacing project

Banks Construction, under contract with Charleston County Government’s
Transportation Development Division, will begin resurfacing of Spruill Avenue
from Meeting Street to East Montague Avenue.

Construction will include repairs to the sidewalk, curb and gutter and driveways
along the route, resurfacing of the roadway and striping the road for dedicated
bike lanes. As part of the bike lane installation, the travel way will be re»
configured with one travel lanes in each direction for automobiles, a median for
turns and dedicated bike lanes in each direction.

The first phase of the construction began in October and consisted of
making repairs to curb and gutter, sidewalk and concrete driveways. Immediately
following concrete repairs, resurfacing and restriping of the roadway for
dedicated bike lanes will begin.

During construction, temporary lane closures will be in place to allow for the
construction. A fiagman will be onsite to direct traffic as needed.

This work is funded by the Charleston County Transportation Committee. You
can View a copy of the plans on their website at:


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2 Responses to Spruill Avenue resurfacing project

  1. Trey Strock says:

    Someone must be planning on a lot of bike traffic. I wonder how that is going to affect all of the automobile traffic, which can be substantial at times? Part of Agenda 21, I presume?

  2. Brent says:

    Hooray for bike lanes!

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