Olde North Charleston Neighborhood Council is an all-volunteer civic engagement group. Your input, attendance at meetings and events, annual dues ($10 annually) and volunteer help is most appreciated to make a difference.


Updates coming soon….

The following “Branch” committees have been identified to address specific focus areas in the neighborhood.  Please contact the “Branch” coordinator to get involved.

COMMUNITY WATCH BRANCH- Paul Ristau – paul.ristau@comcast.net

  • Establish network of neighbors to inform everyone of crime notifications/happenings in the area.
  • Increase attendance at the National Night Out.
  • Increase communication between neighbors and local police officers.

SCHOOLS BRANCH – Dena Wolforth

Communicate with area students pertinent information regarding neighborhood beautification projects and events in order to provide students with meaningful volunteer opportunities in the community.

  • Facilitate neighborhood support and attendance  at extra-curricular events, open houses, competitions , etc., at area schools.
  • Increase Mentoring and volunteerism by ONCNC members in neighborhood schools
  • North Charleston HS has the following volunteer opportunities available:
    1. One-on-one mentorship
    2. Tutorship- English, Spanish, Math, & Science
    3. Special Donations- special needs on case by case bases
    4. Visibility- Community presence during events (ex. Athletics) and meetings (ex. PTA)  CONTACT Gene Rebecca to get involved with NCHS  Email JEAN_REBECCA@charleston.k12.sc.us or (843) 745-7140 

BEAUTIFICATION BRANCH- Kate Besta- katembesta@hotmail.com

  • Pipe and fill poor working drainage ditches
  • Create cleaner sidewalks

COMMUNITY GARDEN BRANCH- JC Harrell  jcharrell@ymail.com and Russ Patterson – russellwpatterson@gmail.com

  • Group is also volunteering at the Hursey Elementary School Garden
  • Support Hursey Elementary School garden through the summer months
  • Create Master Gardener lecture series


Updates coming soon…

Council Leadership

ONCNC is steered by the Council Officers who have made a 2-year commitment to the Council in one of the following capacities: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Our President is Jerry Lahm who can be reached at jerrylahm@yahoo.com.


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